Push Retail

Push Safety was born out of Push Retail - and recognition that the safety aspect of our work with existing retail clients was becoming increasingly more important. We therefore decided to give it the focus and resources it deserved. And now with qualified safety experts working with Push Retail's design and project management team, Push Safety is beautifully positioned to help retailers - and retail landlords - identify and then address the hazards that exist in (and are often quite peculiar to) their own retail backyards.

While a lot of O.H.S. Consultants are very good at identifying and assessing hazards; we've found that there's not too many that are particularly good at coming up with sensible, cost-effective solutions to mitigate the risks. In addition, not many have the design and project management expertise to manage the implementation of the solutions; particularly across multiple sites and where they involve architectural solutions. And not many truly understand retail - and retailers. Not like we do anyway.

Safety improvement projects, we have found, are often looked on as a distraction from the bigger picture on which most retailers (and landlords) are focused i.e. it doesn't generate sales (or rental income)! This is where when can come in and get things sorted, by partnering with our clients to help drive their safety strategy.